Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Gusty Run and Late Night Window Trouble.

A picture taken in fairer weather (last Monday!). The emerging shadow is my own of course!

Ah, the joys of living on the most westerly tip of the most westerly rock in Europe.  My last post here was all about March sunshine and a stroll to the beach, but last night the winds came... and boy how they came!  D and I were awoken from our slumber at 5.30am last night to the sound of swirling and rattling from upstairs.  I had inadvertently left a velux window open and it was rocking wildly, with the wind battering against the bedroom door!  Of course, I did the brave thing by gently nudging my good wife out of bed to deal with this situation (I'm joking of course!).  Anyway, the day cleared and all we were left with was the gusty residue of a big wind.  The tail of a gale.  And is there any weather nicer to run in than the tail of a gale?  I did 5 miles today, something in the sub nine region.  It was a slight improvement on Monday, so I'm happy with an upward curve, and I've made sure to close all windows tonight.


  1. Your runs are going much better than my own. Keep up the good work over there!

  2. You're braver than me, we had that terrible wind in the Pennines too. Didn't fancy being floored by a tree or a wheelie bin so stayed indoors!

  3. You should've asked Deirdre to get up in fairness, a distance runner needs his sleep..

  4. The path which you show in the photo seems a beautiful place to run through the countryside.

    We sometimes have that strong wind from the Mediterranean see. Be careful with all your windows ;)

    Happy running!