Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to Basics with a Three Mile Run.

Towards the tip of Point with th Aran Islands out in the distance...

Following nearly a week of inactivity, when I felt sorry for myself for not feeling 100%, I got out into the cold clear air yesterday to run three miles, down to the lighthouse in Point, back up to Cóilín Daddy's house and then back down home.  What I call:  the out the door and up and down run.  I have resolved to do two things for this time of year:  1) slow down my training runs, 2) get out three times a week. I reckon my recent lethargy is down to the fact that I have run too sporadically and when I have gone out I have run to fast.
The brain keeps telling me that I have already put in a year of hard running in 2010, culminating in a decent marathon, and that I should therefore have a base from which to run faster at the drop of the hat.  But the body disagrees.  So now I reckon this time of year is for one type of behaviour, and one type only:  put in the long slow miles, enjoy the scenery and build the legs for summer training. 

One thing I'm looking forward to is to be able to pick up on some proper training this summer - I reckon I'll go for the furman first programme again that stood me in good stead last year - but I need to build that base first!


  1. You can't beat long slow runs at this time of year Breandán - watching, listening and being fully attuned to the wonderful pageant of Spring. Take your camera, stop and stare - then throw in the odd fast mile on your way home. That's what I do!

  2. Great advice, as always - it has taken me a while to cop on but from now on, long and slow is just th plan!

  3. So Cóilín Daddy finally makes the internet...

  4. Running three times a week is good! It's great to run for no reason and just because you love it :)