Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Dublin 5k.

The One a Month Club hit the Capital for their March Run!
Like some wild banditos looking for trouble, the One-a-Month Club rode into the big city today, taking a wife with them - and this time no one would be safe...!  Yes folks, it was a great day for the men of the wild west as we travelled east in brilliant March sunshine to participate in a the St. Patrick's Dublin 5k.  Kevin, Cormac and I were joined today by Cormac's wife, and my sis-in-law, Ruth.
Pre-race tension builds on Dawson Street!

There was a great buzz of excitement around the Mansion House with old and young runners stretching, chatting, jogging and doing just about everything that fit athletes do in those minutes before a big run.
Cormac 'Big Bang' O hEadhra makes the grade...

Ruth crosses the line...

Of course, we do things a little differently in our family - so a sit down coffee break was called for just a half an hour before the start!  This time last year I ran the Craughwell 10 miler with a cold and just ached my way through it.  A year on, and I had a bloody cold again - this time though the worst of it was over.  There were some famous faces to be seen all day - the great Irish miler, Eamonn Coughlan, the magnificent rugby player, Ronan O'Gara and one of Ireland's greatest marathon runners, Gerry Kiernan (with whom we got our picture taken).  The Lord Mayor counted us down and we all set off towards St. Stephen's Green, heading towards Baggot Street.  Kevin and I sat back at the start but Cormac and Ruth shot off, at varying speeds.  The course from start to finish was more or less flat and a joy to run.
Kevin strides it out...

Memories of last Autumn's Dublin marathon came flooding back as I watched the mass of runners making their way through city, being cheered by exuberant onlookers.  Kevin and I ran at a chatting pace, not overly stretched but definitely not slow.  We paced ourselves well and finished strongly, running at around an 8.30 pace.  Cormac, who has only really started back training, was only a minute behind us, and Ruth wasn't far behind him - finishing the run well under the 30 minute mark.  We had another coffee afterwards to toast our success, and to look forward to April's run (which we still need to find!).  


  1. Well done a chlann, as a member of the one a month club, I salute you. I wish I could've been there as it looked so nice but I had my part to play in bringing Tombrack United to its first ever cup final. Roll on April's where hopefully i will be able tyo join in.

  2. Mhair mise níos faide ná an fíor-Big Bang ar aon chaoi!
    It was my 2nd race and first 'city centre' race and thoroughly enjoyed it. I must say, I was looking forward to the 'write-up' this morning aswell and wasn't disappointed!

  3. V.Good pace even if you weren't pushing!
    All the best.

  4. Sounds like you'd a wonderful day, a great race and good company with lots of socializing and craic over the coffee breaks!