Monday, October 22, 2012

Long Lay Off, back to 5 miles.

It had been three weeks since last I ran.  The longest lay off I've had for about three years.  I don't know what happened really - I got a bit of a bug and just couldn't shrug it off, and felt like I didn't have the energy to go out running.  With the result that I missed my October 13th 10k challenge - I'll have to reset my goals for this distance and find a race in December.
I finally broke the duck yesterday with a five mile run around the village in the company of the 100 marathon man, Conor.  Beautiful day it was for it too... I actually managed alright for about three miles and then struggled home the last two.  Felt a bit zapped afterwards and just hope that it marks the end of whatever ails me...   I'll need to keep fit now that we are so close to our baby's arrival (due date is actually today!).