Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Clear Day For a Bog Run.

Big Ron and I took to the bog last week for a rare run together.  Rare because we are both rare runners these days, unfortunately.  We trotted shy of four miles in the most beautiful country known to God - the bogs of Seanamhach!  Ron isn't feeling the best lately - after several good years of cycling and running he's finally hit a wall of constant weariness.  I'm not that great either, but I know my good year is just around the corner...
The underfoot terrain on Seanamhach is gravelly and potholes are to be avoided, but on the positive side it feels like you are running on a massive sheet of rubber, it being pure peat.  The views out here are spectacular - and it feels like human existence is a foreign thing.  
We finished our run determined to make it a weekly calendar fixture.  The week has come and gone though.... Beidh lá eile ann.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back to Business...

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It's been a while.  I took the start of 2013 off from blogging, and if truth be known I took a good break off from running as well.  This year has seen a huge change for me in many many respects... On top of our first child being born in October, I have recently finished work with the Museum and am embarking on a life of self-employment, with a bilingual communications company that I am launching in early March.
On the running front:  I'm yet to get outdoors, but from last week I started doing some small runs on the threadmill - to get myself in shape before I get out there.  I did a series of 3 milers last week:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and followed it up with a 4 miler on Sunday - so from Sunday to Sunday that's 19miles... not a bad start back.
My intention is to do a few solid small runs and then to get out there into the wilds and photographing life as I pass it by!

On another note:  some group of annoying spammers must have hacked onto my blog... firstly, the view count is up considerably, without posts been logged, and secondly my comments are filling up with a*ssholes telling me how great my posts are and how I should get a loan on low interest or else some great way to lose weight... AAAAAAAAAAH.