Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Has Nippily Sprung.

Our first run together!

Springtime.  Well, freezing cold springtime.  Still, it has been a beautifully bright and green end to February and start of March here in Ireland, and for the past seven days I've spent some time on both sides of our island, and I've even run a little!
On Saturday last I was up in the Wee County of Louth and ran a four and a half mile loop around my wife's village of Stabannon.  Life is completely up different up there for a Conamara man who is used to running heathery and boggy ground.  Louth has vast fields of farming heaven, and so signs on it, for on Saturday the farmers were out in force, turning the ground for the onset of the sowing season.
I was back home in Conamara today and got out for a healthy five mile run around the village.  I actually ran the first 0.5 mile pushing little Murty around in a buggy ahead of me... this was my first time doing this and I had high hopes, but the little fella wouldn't stop crying so I left him back to my wife when passing the house again.  Maybe next time he'll be more used of it.  I continued on up the village and completed my five miler at a nice and easy pace.  Thank God I'm beginning to string a few runs together... now all I need is that race!