Sunday, January 31, 2010

Man Gives Birth on Tough 7 Mile Training Session

Did a 7 mile, hilly run, out the Seanféistín road earlier on today with Conor and I felt like a cow giving birth going up the second vicious incline. With the Annacurra Mountain run coming up on Saturday I can now safely say that if there is a product called 'runners nappy' available, then I will purchase a pack for the forthcoming weekend.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Only One Week and One Mountain Run Away From First Pint!

Its the end of January - nearly, and the end of a completely dry month for me, so I am on schedule to complete the first part of my 24 pint year, thank God. I have already competed in one race (the Tuam 8k on January 17th) and posted a good time for me - 40.21minutes, so all in all I am happy enough with progress. According to my pints schedule I am allowed 2 pints on February 6th, but first there is the little matter of running up a mountain in Wicklow for 10kms! My brother Richie is going to do the event with me and our intention is to have a pint in the famous Saltee Pub, at the foot of the Annacurra Mountain after we have scaled the heights! Training is more or less on schedule (I need to run 7 miles tomorrow and then I'll be happy).