Wednesday, July 25, 2012

60k Cycle, 5 Mile Run.

There are the Maam Turk Mountains - a sight to behold as I cycled out to Peacocks of Maam Cross.
I'm a little weary today, but it's a good kind of weary - that of a man who is beginning to string some serious training together at last!  I had Monday off, so that morning I hopped up on my bike for a 60km cycle from my home in An Cheathrú Rua out the Seanamhach Road to Maam Cross and back.  I'm in high training now for my big cycle in a little over three weeks time, so I really need to start pushing the mileage.  A word about the cycle:  for anyone who has followed my blog progress this past year you may remember that nearly exactly one year ago I decided I would cycle across Ireland in three days to raise a little money for an organisation called the Jack and Jill Foundation (a group which helps parents of severly ill children in their struggle to cope with medicine and care).  I basically did about three weeks of bike training (never having cycled before), threw a rucksack on my back and went off on my merry way.  I was joined for some bits of the way by others but mostly did it on my own.  This year I'll repeat the task, except for one small difference - I'll be joined from the off by 30 other participants!  And we're all collecting money for the Jack and Jill Foundation under the name Rose's Cycle .
Back to Monday:  it was a wet and windy day but somehow it was grand on the Seanamhach Road.  In fact I really put the foot on the gas on the way out and must have averaged around 27k per hour - which is fast for me!  I got to Peacocks, the mid way point, in a little over one hour and stopped for a chocolate!  The wind was slightly more against me on the way back but I maintained a good pace until about the 50k mark, at which point I faded slightly, but I'm happy enough with the effort overall.
Yesterday I got out for a 5 mile run.  The legs were pretty tired after my cycle and so I really couldn't get any kind of pace going, but I gently trotted up and down the village to cover the distance.  I don't know if I should rest today or get out for a short cycle... we'll see!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Monk is Back.

Stretched out after completing last year's lonely quest to cycle from Conamara to Stabannon.  This year I'll be joined by 30 others for the journey...

He's been away for a year, but the monk has finally returned.  Yes folks, with just about four weeks to go before I get up on my bike to cycle the width of Ireland with 30 other brave souls as we attempt to raise €5k for the Jack and Jill Foundation, I have once again embarked on a journey of 'extreme' clean living!  I started on Friday with a bout of starvation!  Porridge for breakfast, no tea or coffee, a salad at lunch time and then nothing for the rest of the day, except water!  Then at 7pm I drank some warm water with a spoon of epsom salts.  I repeated this at 9pm and then, at 11pm, I drank 100mls of extra virgin olive oil mixed with the juice of a single grapefruit.  This, my friends, is what we call a 'liver clense'!  The salts collect the toxins and the oil and juice help to flush them out!  And flush them out they did...  The next day I eased myself back into some healthy veg and red meat and since then I've been gathering strength.  Today I ran a 7miler with Conor and felt good.  Now the real assault can begin.  As for Conor - he is due to run his 100th marathon in three weeks time... and it will be an ultra one - a full 100miles. Ah... it's challenge season and I love it!  For anyone who is feeling generous, you can donate to our cycle at  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

9 miles, and good week...

My lack of posting is due to an internet problem we've been having at home, but I'm stealing moments now to report on a good(ish) week!  
I'm in serious training for the big cycle at the moment... just a little over a month to go until I cross the country on the Rose's Cycle for the Jack and Jill Foundation, so it's high time to get my backside in gear!  I ran 4 mile repeats on Tuesday, a 40k cycle on Wednesday, a 5 mile tempo run on Thursday, and then a 9 mile run today.  Not  too bad...
Today's run started sluggishly - I could feel dinner bouncing around in my stomach for the first three miles...  However, by the time I had reached the village and started heading for the Coral Strand I was running easily and freely.  Conditions were perfect - bright, and a little breezy, and my pace was just about fair - maybe 8.50ish.  I'll have to up my cycling from next week - get a 60k or two in, but for now it's job well done...