Sunday, June 23, 2013

Running on an half tank.

The summer in Conamara continues... not the sunshine of early June, but good running weather all the same.  For the past two weeks I've been dragged up and down the road for a few 7 milers by Conor and Mícheál, who are two fit and fast young men.  I kept up well the first two times but completely blew up last Sunday and trotted slowly behind.  Dejected.  There didn't seem to be anything left in the tank and my legs were half dead.
Let's make an excuse or two: run off my feet with the students staying in the house, the new business and an infant that still keeps us awake at night - not to mention labouring with the garden.
Let's give a more solid reason:  poor diet, poor quality of training.
Still, I've kept the runs going, slotted in a solo four miler on Thursday last and then went for a nice five mile trot around the village yesterday evening with brothers Richie and Cormac who were down for the weekend.  We took it nice and handily, heading up the village and around past the pitches and down by Demense... a gorgeous run with a few tough hills to boot.  Both lads are flyin.  
Disappointingly I haven't seen any local 10ks to aim for... I need to stay local while the students are in town.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two weeks of heat... is it gone?

We took in a puppet show on Maoighnis beach, Carna, while the weather was fine...

Summer came at last to Conamara (and the entire Island of Ireland) and for two short weeks we were Mediterranean.  Now of course its back to the usual rain and cloud, but by God this is better running weather by a country mile!
I only managed to get out three times in the past week and a half while the weather was scorching hot  - for the rest of that time I was sweating like a pig on a roast. Still, the three times I did soldier forth were worthwhile - clocking two 7 milers and a 4miler.
I had good company for two of my runs (they were all around the village), with Conor joining me on Tuesday last and both Conor and Mícheál on Sunday.  In between I did a four mile run on my own - and suffered in the heat.
I am, after all, a pale skinned red headed Irish man, and I find the hot weather unbearable to run in.   Much happier am I with this blustery, cloudy climate.  Whisper it...