Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crocked Runner Needs Advice on Other Ways of Keeping Fit!

Happier running times with the brothers...

Since starting this blog back in 2010 this has been the longest period of non-posting.  It's also been the longest period of non-running, and of course both are inextricably linked.  I've been too fed up of this situation to even post about the state of my injured leg.
As is often the case with the male of the species, I've been guilty of putting my head in the sand and hoping the knee problem would sort itself out.  I've also been flat out with work - running my own business now really does mean that 'time' means money!  
There were two physio visits... one convinced me that the swelling would go down and I'd be back running in a month (swelling went down but I can hardly walk upstairs three months later).  The other physio directed me towards a doctor who would refer me for an MRI scan to see what exactly was wrong, and what could be done.   And that's where we are at right now - awaiting a scan.
In the meantime, I've lost a lot of fitness and it has dragged me down.  What to do when you can't run or cycle?  Press-ups and sit-ups don't really cut the mustard for me....
 I may well need some kind of surgery to sort this out, which means that I may be looking at the rest of the year without a run.  Still, I'm a little closer to the scan, so it's time to get positive.  Any ideas on ways to keep fit in the meantime that doesn't involve use of the knee