Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Glorious Prom on a Fine Day for Cricket!

Some currachs in the Claddagh, on the way out to the Galway prom...
I took advantage of a beautiful, bright Spring day by skipping off work a wee bit early to run the gorgeous Galway prom.  Who knows where this weather came from, and who cares - it's about time we started getting some bit of good news around these parts.  In fact, good news was the order of the day when the radio man said that Ireland beat England in the Cricket world cup in India.  How shocking was that?!  To put this into perspective I don't think it's any exaggeration to say that this would be like England beating Ireland in a game or Hurling.  Or a three-legged cat chasing a Alsatian dog up a tree.  Most of us know absolutely nothing about cricket, but the nation needs a lift now and I reckon it should be taken as a compliment by our English neighbours to know that it feels good to beat the best!  As for my run:  I did at least four, at a fair pace (around 8 minutes), with another mile warm down.  

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