Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Late March Brings the Sun.

I spotted the first sea-angler of the year on Salthill's prom this evening as I was out for a 5 mile, slow run.  I doubt there are any mackerel to be caught, but my good friend James assures me that pollack are plentiful for those who know how to catch them.  Late May is when we usually manage to get down to the rock for a cast or fifty, and when the mackerel are in you usually don't even need to know how to catch them - just keep casting your line and feathers and you're bound to land a few.  Today was the best day of the year so far (weather-wise!), and the prom was jam packed with walkers - not to mention the benches that were bulging with ice cream lickers. There were even swimmers and bathers - though I can't say that I would have braved the sea at this time of year!  I ran very slowly, and really couldn't even put in a fast mile.  I'm still feeling the residue of last week's cold - either that or my Lenten abandonment of meat is beginning to wear me down.  Must get iron tablets.


  1. I'm glad that the weather is sunny in your country.
    I hope you'll enjoy the spring time and your runs!

  2. A skinny mans lenten appeal, give soome iron tablets, they could help allot.

  3. First beer, now meat... tough, tough decisions. Good luck with it.