Monday, March 28, 2011

4 Miles in Seanadh Mhach

On our way down to the secluded beach D and I passed our neighbour, Beartle's, raised beds.  He is all set and ready for sowing vegetables - putting me to shame!

The beautiful weather continued today, and as luck would have it I have been on a few days off from work - just at the right time.  I went for a four mile run in Seanadh Mhach at lunch time.  This is a beautiful trek through barron bogland and the place was awash with golden Spring rushes. For some reason I am still not 100% so I felt this run to be sluggish and slow - it may have something to do with the fact that I am still not meat-eating due to Lent, but this is hardly the case, as there are many vegetarian runners in the world.  At least one cutter was eager for an early year -  most people wouldn't cut turf (peat) until May at the earliest but this sprightly man was at it already! 
The little beach was full of empty shells, as the tide was out.

When Deirdre came home we went for a walk down to our 'private beach'! Well, if truth be known it is not private, and definitely not ours either, but it may as well be, for though it is secluded and difficult to get to from the main road, it is but a short walk from where our house is situated.  In olden times nuns would cross fields to bathe in this secret spot and it must have belonged to some man named Páidín, for it is still known as Trá Pháidín (Páidín's beach).  Running-wise I seem to be in a cycle of short runs only.  I had to cancel the Craughwell 10 mile run some weeks ago in order to do the Dublin 5k with the lads (happy to cancel though!), and now I have to cancel the April 9th Connemara half marathon, as D and I must travel to London that weekend for a friend's celebration.  Truth be known though, I'm not really bothered about racing long distance pre-Summer and I hope to add on the miles in finer weather.


  1. Going to London without me. Think you can visit Lionus on the sly..that's wrong..Wrong I say

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  3. Sorry you cancelled the April 9th Connemara 21 km race. I hope you'll improve your training soon and run a beautiful half marathon in the spring.

    Have a nice time in London!

  4. Ta moladh le tabhairt do Bheartle as ucht iomairi breatha a bhaint...agus dhuitse mar gheall ar rith Sheanadh Mhach- lathair bhrea training camp d'ethiopians da mbeadh ciall ag an udaras. D'fheadfa performance enhancing plant fhas sna hiomairi...s s s ha ha

  5. A Thuairim, a mhac, ní stúpáilfeadh Beartle chomh híseal le hEric de Brún, ná chomh híseal le Ming ach oiread...

  6. Sorry about your race! You'll be back in no time! Have fun recovering! Life is a JOY!