Sunday, January 29, 2012

Misty Night on the Moors.

Seanadh Phéistín is 100% bogland - or moorland according to Sherlock Holmes and other friends from across the Irish sea!  So a night run in Seanadh Phéistin is a mixture of creepy and beautiful!  This evening Conor and I stretched our legs for a five miler on that very moorland, with a gentle mist falling ever heavier as we left civilisation farther and farther behind us.  We took it nice and easy this evening (I had done an interval session yesterday and Conor had done another marathon this weekend - so the limbs needed resting).  Having said that, we did push it out for about a mile or so on the way back home.  Despite my early dreams of following the furman programme for the Barcelona Marathon in March, I'm now just running as I feel - programme out the window!  This may backfire completely, but hopefully I'll be fine... time will tell.


  1. I just ran as I felt when training for ALL my marathons, never did have a programme. It didn't do me any harm.
    Happy running!

  2. Of course time will tell you that you wll be ready! I think you need a marathon programme although you will run as you feel. Have a nice runs!