Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Day in Tuam - PB for Kevin!

The epic year of a run a month started with the Tuam 8k twelve months ago, so it was only fitting that Kevin and I should return to the scene of that crime for another crack this year.  I thought the race was next week, so I got a bit of a hop when Kevin called yesterday evening to ask if I was all set!  I arrived earlier than Kevin and registered us both, and then headed off to a hotel in the town to read the paper and while away an hour.  Kevin arrived from Mullingar at 1.30pm, and after a bit of warming up we headed to the start.  There were roadworks galore in Tuam so the regular 8k route was changed this year.  All the better I reckon.  For starters, last year's route was a double loop - I always find a doubler way more difficult that a single loop.  There were slight inclines for sure, and I did hear some fellas in the locker room afterwards complaining about the difficulty but in all honesty both Kevin and I thought it was a far better run.  And the day was a crisp and bright - if a tiny bit cold.  Kevin and I ran this one together - stride by stride, and it really shows how far he has come in a year when he ended up taking over 3 minutes off last year's time as we strode in at exactly 42.00.  We had a coffee in the Mercy Hall, where the Tuam club always put on a good spread, and then off for fish and chips in a nearby hotel - you can't get a better day!

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