Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 Miles at Night...

I've been shirking my running responsibilities lately!  Finding a way to avoid a run, or shorten one... not a good tactic when I'm supposed to be competing in the Barcelona marathon next March!  So it gave me great satisfaction to actually go a few miles extra this evening.  I set out with Conor on a cold and slightly windy night up the Seanadh Phéistín road, fully intent on running five miles - no more.  However, when I got to the 2.5 turn we decided to go on a bit, head for 6... and then a six miler turned into eight.  Nicely does it!  We had a decent pace too - certainly in the low eights and better for some sections.  The way back was difficult enough though - Conor's headlight lost it's battery power and the wind pushed us back at every step.  There were parts of that road when I was completely lost as to where the heck I was!  Still, eight miles completed - surely now I'm ready for a long run this weekend 


  1. Running against the wind increases your strenght, Breandán :) Glad you've planned to run the Barcelona marathon!

  2. Great effort!