Monday, January 6, 2014

Going Veggie, Back Running, and Back to 24 Pint Plan!

Big Ron and I take a 'selfie' after the Park Run 5k

2014 has started with a ferocious bang.  Storms have lashed the west coast of Ireland - flooding the dock area in Galway, uprooting concrete promenades along Salthill, Spidéal and further west, and causing untold damage right around the country.  Doooomsday scenario!
Time for a change.
So, I'm going veggie for 2014:  no meat, poultry or fish!   
And, I'm going back to the 24 pint plan... that's right, circle the year on a tiny alcohol allowance of only 24 pints of Guinness!
On top of this I mean to get back running in a meaningful way.  To emphasise the point Big Ron and I left the house at 7.30am on Saturday morning to make the trip north to the beautiful town of Westport, where we participated in our first official race of the year, the Park Run 5k.  Just 5k I hear you ask?  Well, the small ones can be the toughest, especially when you are not, I repeat, NOT, fit.  I started off briskly, running at the low 7 min mile pace, but I died a death at the 3k mark and slowed considerably, coming in at 23.46mins, and nearly vomiting!  Big Ron was miles ahead in the low 20min mark.  Still, I have my barometer for the year and can only get better.
Delicious veggie burger I prepared on Friday night.
As for the veggie diet - why I hear you ask?  Well, I've always wondered about going vegetarian, for all the health and morality reasons, so this year I'm plunging straight in and so far enjoying it.  
Health and happiness to all in 2014.


  1. Breandan, that's one heck of a good time you ran in the Westport 5K and I'm very envious. From now on you'll be the one that inspires me!
    Have a great year and good luck with that veggie diet...

  2. So happy to hear your are back running and crossing the finish line of the Park Run 5k race. So you also ran the first race of the new year. That's great! Have you planned to run another race yet? I will try to run a race a month this year. Maybe, my wife doesn't think so :)

    Completely agree about eating more fruit and veggies. They play an important role in runners' health.
    I will be looking forward to reading about this topic on your blog.
    keep running!

  3. only 24 pints, I could manage only 24 bottles of wine, and in the summer months a case of beer doesn't last long...

    Now looking at your other race results you have started the year on a good note.

  4. I was always curious about going veggie as well. It could do a lot for my health, I could be a lot more energetic. I couldn't give up fish though!