Saturday, June 25, 2022

5k in miserable weather, with Murty

I finished 'week one' training with a 5k run today, up to the village and back with Murty and our very energetic dog, Lughaidh!

It was great to have Murty for company - and a good achievement for him to run that distance at his age (9).

Fair plé do Mhurty a chríochnaigh an 5k liom

I felt good today, and delighted the first week of training has been completed. Claregalway is just 7 weeks away... Much to do! 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Day 2 of my 10k programme

I took to the local park for the second day of my training programme - once again, kids in tow!  I had planned on running 4 consecutive laps at a reasonable pace, with one slow lap either side.

However, when I got to the park there was a lot of activity there with kids playing football, so I decided to hop next door to the soccer astro pitch.  It was empty, so perfect!  Kids went to the playground, and away I went on my run.

I managed 4 consecutive laps at a fair degree of pace alright, but to be honest, the pitch is only about 1/2 size of the other one, so I added another 4 fast laps for good measure.

However, the final four I didn't do consecutively - I couldn't!  I broke it up to:  1 fast, 1 slow, 1 fast, 1 slow, 2 fast.  

I consider it a good enough job for the second day of my comeback!  A 5k run now on Saturday and that's week 1 done.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Intervals - First step on the road to recovery

 I've sketched out a plan for the next 8 weeks, that hopefully should see me completing the Claregalway 10k with some minor modicum of dignity.  The thing now is to stick with it!

Páirc an Cháthanaigh, where I did my intervals, hosted a European Cup soccer match way back in 1986!
Páirc an Cháthanaigh, where I did my intervals, hosted a European Cup soccer match way back in 1986!

I've decided to go with three training sessions per week, that basically follows the following pattern:

Monday - Interval training

Wednesday - Short fast run

Saturday - Long slow run

Intervals were a key part of my marathon training back when I could run well!  I was never a super fast runner, but interval training gave me that sharp burst of lung  busting speedwork that helped bring my time down to 3.43 for the Dublin marathon, way back in 2010. 

Yesterday evening was beautiful - the kids had football training on the park, so Murty and I did 12 laps, 6 fast, six slow.

The first fast lap nearly killed me.  I thought I'd never complete the next 5.  But I did, and actually began to feel a little better after lap #3 of the fast ones.

It feels good to be back training.  Onwards we go!

Monday, June 20, 2022

The comeback 10k has been chosen...

 I've chosen the Claregalway 10k (which takes place on August 13th) as my comeback run...

The last time I took part in a road race (or a race of any description) was the Westport 5k series - with Big Ron, way back in 2014.  Since then - I've had a knee injury that kept me from running, four kids (that kept me from sleeping!), and a business that kept me going!

But (thanks to John Bracken), my knee is sorted, and I'm ready to get going on a training programme to get me up to 10k level for August 13th.  

Looking back at my old PB's - I hit the 10k PB in May 17th, 2013, for the Cooley Coast Run - at 47.32.  I won't get anywhere near that for Claregalway (If I hit around 57 mins I'll be happy!).  

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Long Hiatus - Could I really be back?


It's been a long time.  

My last post was back in 2015 and my last run was a year earlier.  

There was a time when I ran and posted constantly - and enjoyed many fun runs, marathons, park runs and street races, but in 2014 I sustained a bad knee injury that put me off the track and road for a long time.

In truth, I thought I wouldn't run again.  My knee was so sore that I could hardly sleep without discomfort - driving was a pain.  Occasionally I would trot a bit just to see if, by miracle, the knee came back of it's own accord, but the pain would emerge after 100 metres.

I went to see a knee specialist who told me I had two options - 1) key-hole surgery 2) more extensive surgery.  Neither, he said, would guarantee any success - and running was definitely out of the equation.

And then - by total chance, I went to see a 'healer'.  This man, John Behan, was reportedly a 'seventh-son-of-a-seventh son'!  He had the 'healing power'.

I went with scepticism, but whatever the man did had me up and running within an hour....I KID YOU NOT!

Having said that - this was about a year ago - and I still didn't push on.  But slowly, I returned to walking and then, hey presto, today I took the plunge and ran for 20 minutes.

It's a start - and I'm excited about it.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Since I can't run.

I've been absent from running since last February, and am still injured (physio reckons it will take another 2-3 months of rehab).  Since I can't run, or blog about running, here's a poem I've written about being injured and not running!

Since I can't run,
I'll watch my boy learn how to walk.
The waddle.
Then run.
I'll listen to him wah.
Then woggle.
Then word.
I'll fit his first shoes on his feet.
And chase him out the door with his unpaid-for clarks.

I'll step him up to bed, one step at a time.
And step down again silently an hour later.
And up again five minutes later.

Since I can't run I'll pass each animated phase:
First Raa Raa, then Olly, then Fireman Sam.
I'll read him every Thomas book that ever was written.
Then I'll read them all again.

We'll visit our neighbours pony and feed him carrots and apples.
And clunks of grass.

We'll laugh like eejits while I purse wind against his neck.
Then I'll worry about paying his keep,
When I know that he'd live in a cave beside us.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crocked Runner Needs Advice on Other Ways of Keeping Fit!

Happier running times with the brothers...

Since starting this blog back in 2010 this has been the longest period of non-posting.  It's also been the longest period of non-running, and of course both are inextricably linked.  I've been too fed up of this situation to even post about the state of my injured leg.
As is often the case with the male of the species, I've been guilty of putting my head in the sand and hoping the knee problem would sort itself out.  I've also been flat out with work - running my own business now really does mean that 'time' means money!  
There were two physio visits... one convinced me that the swelling would go down and I'd be back running in a month (swelling went down but I can hardly walk upstairs three months later).  The other physio directed me towards a doctor who would refer me for an MRI scan to see what exactly was wrong, and what could be done.   And that's where we are at right now - awaiting a scan.
In the meantime, I've lost a lot of fitness and it has dragged me down.  What to do when you can't run or cycle?  Press-ups and sit-ups don't really cut the mustard for me....
 I may well need some kind of surgery to sort this out, which means that I may be looking at the rest of the year without a run.  Still, I'm a little closer to the scan, so it's time to get positive.  Any ideas on ways to keep fit in the meantime that doesn't involve use of the knee