Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Late Night, Early Morning Run in Sligo.

Went down to Sligo with my father on Friday for a weekend of music, drink and meeting up with relations.  It was the County Fleadh - a festival of traditional music and dance, so Dad and I brought the fiddle and banjo and headed down to stay with uncle Marty and his wife Patricia.

The craic was mighty - with a great sing song in The Castle Inn on Friday night in Easkey with Marty, Daniel and Derek, followed by a chat back at home until 3am.

On Saturday morning, I elected to get out of bed early and get the body moving.  So I ran down to Dunalton,   The body wasn't in the most energetic of shapes, but I got down there.  The place is absolutely beautiful - with a serious dip in the valley before you get to 'St Farnan's Shrine' away in the trees.

Further down is Dunalton itself - like a mini version of the Cliffs of Moher.  I sat for a few minutes to take it all in and to call the family at home.  And then started the jog back.  All in all a short run, but given my condition after the frolics of the night before I was happy I did anything.

It left me tired enough for the rest of the day - a sorching hot day where we got to visit landmarks such as the Beach Bar in Aughris Head, before making our way back to the Castle Inn again at around 6pm for more tunes with the likes of Damien, Jason and Lorna McGuinness, Darren O Reagan and others.

We had a great weekend - and at the very least I ticked off some sort of a run!

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Warm weather, short run...


It's beautiful here at the moment - the sun shining, the flowers are blooming and even old ruins like this one (right across from our house) are standing proudly.

On the subject of old ruins - I, myself, am feeling okay these days.  Today was my first training run since the Park Run 5k on Saturday, and I really am just stealing a bit of time here and there between working, bringing kids home from school, bringing kids to accordion/football/judo practice, calling in to my Mum in the nursing home and calling up to Dad above in the house.

Still - the running is supremely important.  I need to get back to a level of fitness that will allow me to function with intent in everything else.

Today, I just did about 3k, with 1k easy, and 2k hard - at a higher pace than I'm used to.  This meant that, even thought it was a short run, it was tough.  I remember from my old Furman training programme that a tempo run like this can work wonders for your fitness...

Here's hoping!

Sunday, May 28, 2023

First Run in Nearly 10 Years!

 Thank God I'm finally, finally, back running (if plodding).

I signed up to the Knocknacarra 5k Park Run on Saturday last, and went in with brother Richie (above)- where we met up with Darach (pic below).  

It was a gorgeous morning - and the turnout was at the high seventy mark.  These park runs are normally well organised.  My last park run, back in early 2014, was in Westport with Big Ron.   I finished that in a time of 23.16 - and by all accounts I was disappointed with my time!  

How times have changed... I plodded through this run and completed it in 28.20 - a full two minutes behind Richie, and well behind Darach.  Even so, I was well pleased with the run.  There were times over the last ten years when I was sure I wouldn't run again.  To be part of a running community is something special.

I now have a marker - I know what I need to improve on.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Back to Saturday runs with Murty

 I got out for a 3k trot on Saturday with Murty... first in a long time, but I'm determined to get back (if slowly) on to the running wagon again.  It was fierce cold, and lashed a little icy rain.  Poor Murty (who is only 10!) felt the brunt of it, and asked to shelter for a minute at the door of an old shed by the beach.

Later that afternoon I indulged in a pint with the aul fella! Not bad for one day's inter-generational bonding!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Slow(ish) run down to beach and back...

 I broke with my original training plan for a new and revolutionary one:  no training at all.  This lasted for over a week before I arrested the slide yesterday with a nice slow 4k run, down to the local beach and around the loop road back.

I felt the excesses of the past two weeks - the beer to welcome returning siblings on holidays, the beer to welcome returning cousins on holidays, and the beer to celebrate Galway reach the All Ireland final for the first time in 21 years!

Okay - too much beer.  The Claregalway 10k looks ominously out of reach - but still I will continue to push on with slow, mid range runs, for the next week or two and see if I'm anywhere near the pace... If not, we can adjust and go again!

Little Kathleen welcomes me back!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

5k in miserable weather, with Murty

I finished 'week one' training with a 5k run today, up to the village and back with Murty and our very energetic dog, Lughaidh!

It was great to have Murty for company - and a good achievement for him to run that distance at his age (9).

Fair plé do Mhurty a chríochnaigh an 5k liom

I felt good today, and delighted the first week of training has been completed. Claregalway is just 7 weeks away... Much to do! 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Day 2 of my 10k programme

I took to the local park for the second day of my training programme - once again, kids in tow!  I had planned on running 4 consecutive laps at a reasonable pace, with one slow lap either side.

However, when I got to the park there was a lot of activity there with kids playing football, so I decided to hop next door to the soccer astro pitch.  It was empty, so perfect!  Kids went to the playground, and away I went on my run.

I managed 4 consecutive laps at a fair degree of pace alright, but to be honest, the pitch is only about 1/2 size of the other one, so I added another 4 fast laps for good measure.

However, the final four I didn't do consecutively - I couldn't!  I broke it up to:  1 fast, 1 slow, 1 fast, 1 slow, 2 fast.  

I consider it a good enough job for the second day of my comeback!  A 5k run now on Saturday and that's week 1 done.