Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Late Night, Early Morning Run in Sligo.

Went down to Sligo with my father on Friday for a weekend of music, drink and meeting up with relations.  It was the County Fleadh - a festival of traditional music and dance, so Dad and I brought the fiddle and banjo and headed down to stay with uncle Marty and his wife Patricia.

The craic was mighty - with a great sing song in The Castle Inn on Friday night in Easkey with Marty, Daniel and Derek, followed by a chat back at home until 3am.

On Saturday morning, I elected to get out of bed early and get the body moving.  So I ran down to Dunalton,   The body wasn't in the most energetic of shapes, but I got down there.  The place is absolutely beautiful - with a serious dip in the valley before you get to 'St Farnan's Shrine' away in the trees.

Further down is Dunalton itself - like a mini version of the Cliffs of Moher.  I sat for a few minutes to take it all in and to call the family at home.  And then started the jog back.  All in all a short run, but given my condition after the frolics of the night before I was happy I did anything.

It left me tired enough for the rest of the day - a sorching hot day where we got to visit landmarks such as the Beach Bar in Aughris Head, before making our way back to the Castle Inn again at around 6pm for more tunes with the likes of Damien, Jason and Lorna McGuinness, Darren O Reagan and others.

We had a great weekend - and at the very least I ticked off some sort of a run!


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  2. It seems you had a great weekend! ... The 2nd picture shows a beautiful green valley.
    You made the right choice, as we can't run without motivation!

    Have a nice week ahead of you!